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About Us

Pak Wo Aquarium has been established since 1988 and served to aquarium and reptiles lovers over 30 years. We carry over 1,000 popular, professional and finest designed aquarium supplies and reptile supplies from worldwide top brands such as Ferplast, Namiba Terra, Velda, Skimz, Sudo and Zetlight etc.

Our retailing stores are located at Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Being one of the best aquarium and reptile supplier, we are also specialty on custom-made aquarium and vivarium in different sizes and styles, to make sure they could blend into your fashionable interior design. For time-saving issue, there are specific aquarium maintenance plans and installation services for you to pick as well accordingly, so you might have a nice aquascaping aquarium / vivarium by giving you scenic view at home or in office anytime. 

All inquires are welcome to email or calling (+852) 2391 3228 at our office hours 1030 - 2130 from Monday to Sunday.