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Velda Clear Control 25/50/75/100 Pressurised Filter

Brand: Velda
Product Code: VE005
Size(cm): 43 x 47 x 47
Capacity(L): 10000


* Velda Model:

Product Code : VE005 , VE006, VE007, VE008

The Velda Clear Control is a rugged pressurised filter with a range of unique features. 

Inside the filter are a range of bio-media, including activated carbon, biological substrates and foams.

The filter has a control handle that can be set to 7 different positions: 

  • Back flush, for easy cleaning
  • Back-wash the valve, to ensure proper running
  • Drain the pond (if necessary)
  • Filtration, for normal running
  • Medicine bypasses the filter materials are not removed from the water, so the treatment are not effected
  • Stop Function, more effective for pump cleaning
  • 4 models for you to choose according to pond sizes / water capacity:
    • Clean Control 25 for 10000L (included 9Watt UV)
    • Clean Control 50 for 20000L (included add 18Watt UV)
    • Clean Control 75 for 30000L (included 36Watt UV)
    • Clean Control 100 for 60000L (Not included 18Watt UV x 2)
  • ​The Velda Clear Control has two ports to fit either UVCs or heaters, so you can increase the UV capacity if you need to, swap them out for heaters in the winter, or have one of each. 

You can choose to have a filter without a UVC or buy them both together in our stores. These options are listed above.

  • Will take hose size 25, 32 or 40mm
  • 2 year guarantee​


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