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Velda 2 stream UVC Super High Power 40/60/80watts Filters

Brand: Velda
Product Code: VE025, VE026, VE027
Size(mm): 32 x 40 x 50
Capacity(L/H): 10000


* Watts:

Velda UVC Super High Power Filter - 40/60/80watts 

Compact high frequency UV-C Filter

The new 2-Stream High Power UV-C Filters of Velda guarantee you crystal clear pond water and a healthy pond environment for both fish and water plants. 

The ultraviolet radiation of the T6 UV-C light will effectively kill floating algae and at a certain flow rate ca 99% of the germs and moulds present. 

Available in 40, 60 and 80 watt.

  • 40Watt: 10000L/hr and Max. 60000L pond water
  • 60Watt: 12000L/hr and Max. 80000L pond water
  • 80Watt: 15000L/hr and Max. 100000L pond water

More information: 

Owing to the special and patented construction of the filter, the water will flow inside the unit twice along the high frequency and very effective T6 UV-C light. As a result of this the contact time per litre and the effective activity per wattage will be nearly doubled.The effectiveness, even at high flow speed, is tremendous.

The specially prepared aluminium housing reflects the UV-C radiation to achieve a more intensive activity still.
The compact and low-energy T6 UV-C light has a very high UV-C light output.

The output of this high frequency tube in Watt per centimetre is ca 8 times higher than that of PL UV-C lights and twice higher than that of a T5 UV-C light.

For koi and swimming ponds this action is of extremely great importance.

Owing to its rotatable outflow orifice and its quick release couplings, the installation of these UV-C Filters is quite simple. In the screw cap a circuit breaker has been built for additional security. In this way eye contact with harmful UV-C radiation will be prevented.
The 80 watt 2-Stream UV-C High Power UV-C Filter can keep pond water up to 100.000 liter free of floating algae.
The maximum connection, both for the hose socket and for the pvc is Ø 50 mm.
The T6 UV-C light has a guaranteed lifetime of 8000 hours.

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