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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cave™

Brand: ZOO MED
Product Code: RH-8EU
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(W): ----------


Designed to provide a secure, heated hiding place for all small lizards and snakes. The top of the cave is heated with elements projecting heat both upward and downward into the cave. As your reptile grows, the top can be removed and used as a rock heater! Available in one color: Santa Fe Red.

Additional Information:
Please Note:
A rock heaters function is to facilitate digestion.
A rock heater should never be the sole source of heat.
Never cover or bury the rock heater with anything.
If your reptile never leaves the rock heater then your terrarium is too cold and you need an additional heat source. (i.e. Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm® U.T.H. Heater).

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