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FERPLAST Airfizz 200 Air Pump

Brand: ferplast
MPN: 68175021UK
Product Code: FP009
Size(cm): 16.5 x 8.4 x 7
Capacity(L/H): 200


AIRFIZZ 200 UK AIR PUMP (100L/h x 2)

Airfizz is a silent aquarium air pump with adjustable flow. Included inside the package, you will find a silicone tube (2meters) and a non-return valve. Airfizz air pumps for aquariums can be fixed to the wall thanks to their suitable hole; they can be placed in different positions, above or below water level. 
Available in four models, aquarium air pumps Airfizz have one or two exit nozzles, with adjustable flow: one nozzle in the smaller models Airfizz 50 and 100, two nozzles in the models Airfizz 200 and 400. Useful rubber feet at the base have been created to limit vibrations. 
Perfect to be matched to Airfizz, we suggest to use the air stones by Ferplast: they can be easily connected to the apposite exit nozzles.

- Adjustable air flow
- Wall fixing system
- It can be placed in different positions: above or below water level
- Rubber feet to reduce vibrations
- Exit nozzles with adjustable flow
- Included: non-return valve and silicone tube of 2 m length


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