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Velda SILENTA 1200/1800/3600 Pro Air Pump

Brand: Velda
Product Code: VE034, VE035, VE036
Size(mm): 155 x 135 x 120
Capacity(L/H): 1200


* Flow rate:

In order to obtain a proper biological environment, in which fish and plants can excellently thrive, it is necessary for many garden ponds to install an aeration facility in the water. Especially in summer, when the water temperature will rise, lack of oxygen often occurs. The fish will swim to the surface to gasp for air. Also when in winter the pond will freeze over, fish mortality often occurs. Aeration of the water brings relief in that case. It provides oxygen to the water and will prevent the pond from getting frozen all over.

With a Silenta Professional aeration pump you will always be assured of a healthy pond environment for fish and plants. Aeration provides oxygen and removes harmful gasses.

- Guarantees a high air yield and long lifetime
- Low-noise motor and low power consumption
- With reinforced air hose and large air stones
- available in: Silenta 1200, 1800, and 3600


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