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Velda High Stream 8000/12000/15000 Pond Pump

Brand: Velda
Product Code: VE011, VE012, VE013
Size(mm): 394 x 292 x 242
Capacity(L/H): 8000


* Flow rate:

Velda High-Stream pond pumps are manufactured according to the most recent views and technical possibilities. This makes them rank among the best pond pumps which are to be had worldwide. The economic asyn-chronous motors have a large capacity at low energy consumption. The motors are equipped with a thermal security device and are entirely sealed watertight. Combined with ceramic bearings this guarantees longevity.

- Too coarse dirt particles can not penetrate into the paddle wheel
- Owing to their high capacity, High-Stream pond pumps are pre-eminently suitable for fountains, flows of water and waterfalls.
- Can be used both in the pond water and outside the pond
- Available in  8000, 12000 and 15000 L/hr

Color: Grey + Black

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