Brand: ferplast
MPN: 66991099UK
Product Code: FT009
Size(cm): 162 x 62 x 148
Capacity(L): 570



Star 160 Aquairum: Refined design, large size and maximum attention to details: these are the features of the Star aquariums! Perfect both for marine and fresh water set-ups, these glass tanks have finishes in special aluminium alloy EN AW-6060, anodised 15 microns ensuring great resistance to wear. 

The model Star 160 is completed with lamps T5 lamps giving high colour rendering and excellent performance; according to the aquarium kind of set-up, tropical or marine, you could choose the most suitable kind of lamps. The aquarium Star 160 is supplied complete with external filter Bluextreme 1500 and heaters Bluclima 300, on the bottom it presents two suitable holes for the passage of external filter pipes. The tank glass is 12 mm thickness; positioned both in the top and bottom frames are fixed suitable stainless steel ties, guaranteeing maximum stability, resistance and safety. Moreover, two automatic pistons in stainless steel facilitate the lid opening for everyday maintenance operations. 

Available as accessories, you will find the stands in two versions ( you can select one version ) : Stand Star 160, complete with doors and shelves, or Stand Star 160 Classic, very essential with aluminium structure and top with wenge finish.

- Finishes in special aluminium alloy EN AW-6060, anodised 15 microns
- Glass thickness 12 mm
- High module silicone to guarantee maximum resistance
- Two versions for fresh or marine water
- Pistons and ties made of stainless steel
- Lid hinged to the top frame
- Rear aeration grids with adjustable opening
- Removable side panels to add accessories
- Overtank lamp complete with reflector dish and T5 lamps
- Tank with internal frame designed to fix internal filters
- Special arrangement with two holes for connection kit
- Completed with external filter and heaters
- Possibility to add or replace overtank lamps with fluorescent lamps
- Fully opening cover for cleaning
- Front panel openable for daily maintenance operations

- Overtank lamp complete with 4 neon T5 lamps with high colour rendering
- Version Star 160 fresh water: 2 Toplife 54W and 2 Freshlife 54W
- Version Star 160 marine water: 2 Toplife 54W and 2 Sealife 54W
- External filter Bluextreme 1500 l/h
- Two heaters Bluclima da 300 W
- CD-ROM Aquarium Software which will give you some useful information for the aquarium setting up

STAR 160 Stand:

The aquarium stand, Stand Star 160, features a wenge finish and ensures perfect watertightness thanks to special aluminium profiles. Complete with adjustable feet and top with one hole, this stand has practical doors with push-pull system and external shelves very useful to place all that is necessary for your aquarium. 
If you are looking for a more essential but still equally refined version, you could choose Stand Star 160 Classic with aluminium structure and top with wenge finish.

- Resistant and solid aluminium structure
- Wenge finish
- Adjustable feet
- Complete with doors with push-pull system and central shelves
- Arrangement with two holes for the passage of undertank pipes

Aquarium 162 x 62 x h 67.5 cm - 570 L

Stand: 162 x 62 x h 80.5 cm

Color: Silver & Black

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