Brand: ferplast
MPN: 65038011
Product Code: FT034
Size(cm): 121 x 41 x 56
Capacity(L): 240


Dubai 120 glass aquariums distinguish for a clean and modern design. They are available in four different colours and sizes which perfectly match with all kinds of home furniture: you could in fact choose between the modern white colour, beech, walnut or the classic black. Inside the range, the original Dubai Corner has been especially created to find a place in your home's corners. All fish aquariums Dubai are equipped with internal filter Bluwave. Besides, they come complete with timer for lighting adjustment and with electronic lighting system which ensures longer lamps life and low consumption. T5 lamps ensures an excellent colour rendering and a perfect aquarium lighting. 

Except for the model Dubai Corner where it is fixed, all aquariums have an innovative patented sliding overtank lamp which can slide back and forth allowing easy access to the tank; the special included key allows blocking the overtank lamp with no efforts. Useful upper opening hutches facilitate everyday maintenance operations while suitable snap-off plugs have been created to fit the pipes of an external filter. Available as accessories, you willd find some further overtank lamps or the stands in four different colour finishes.

- White colour finish
- Glass thickness 8 mm
- Lamp with reflector dish and T5 lamps
- Internal filter system included
- Longer lamps life and less power consumption thanks to the electronic lighting system
- Patented sliding overtank lamp with blocking key
- Snap-off plugs and sliding hatches to place accessories
- Opening hutches for cleaning
- Complete with internal filter system Bluwave

- Overtank lamp complete with reflector dish with 2 neon T5 lamps: 1 Toplife 39W and 1 Freshlife 39W
- Internal filter Bluwave 07 with heater Bluclima 200, pump Blupower 00 and filtering materials

Dimension: 121 x 41 x h 56 cm

Capacity: 240L


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