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Ferplast BLUCLIMA 100

Brand: ferplast
MPN: 66310017UK
Product Code: FH003
Size(cm): 3.2 x 27 x 0
Capacity(g): ----------



Fully submersible, Bluclima is a heater for marine and freshwater aquariums also suitable for glass turtle tanks. Precise and reliable, it guarantees even temperature inside the tank and is easy to position thanks to the suitable clips with suction cups included. Bluclima heater has a glass tube of 2 mm thickness especially designed to ensure high heat resistance. In order to regulate the thermostat at the desired temperature, you just have to turn the control knob until the pointer on the graduated scale corresponds to the chosen value. A useful light indicator inside the heater will remain on during the functioning period. 
Available in six different powers: 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W.

Bluclima does not need particular maintenance: in order to ensure an optimal working, we suggest to clean periodically the heater glass tube to remove salts deposits.

- For aquariums and turtle tanks
- It can be used in Cayman / CAPRI aquariums and inserted in the BLUWAVE filter compartment
- It can be fixed to glass tanks or turtle tanks thanks to the suitable suction cups
- Precise and reliable, is fully submersible
- Easy temperature regulations thanks to the control knob
- On/off indicator light
- Six models of powers from minimum 50W to maximum 300W
- Easy maintenance

Color: Blue and Black

Watt: 100W

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