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Zoo Med Tortoise House

Brand: ZOO MED
Product Code: ZPP002
Size(inch): 36 x 24 x 12
Capacity(g): ----------


Zoo Med Tortoise House

A really nice, simple design perfect for tortoises or box turtles. Two lockable top openings, one solid wood for privacy and one wire to let in the benefits of sunlight. Also, you can connect a second tortoise house to double the size of tortoise house. Be sure to add the right substrate for the species of turtle you are housing - and make sure to provide clean fresh water at all times in a water dish large enough for your turtles or toroises to climb in and out of with ease.


Wood sided design preferred by professional keepers
Use indoors or outside
Private weatherproof sleeping area
Easy to assemble
Modular - remove end panel and connect a second tortoise house

Size : 36" L X 24" W X 12" H


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