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Velda Professional Fish Feeder

Brand: Velda
MPN: 124817
Product Code: VE001
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(L): ----------


A healthy stock of fish with constant growth will be obtained by feeding measured quantities several times a day. Especially during holiday periods and in less favourable weather conditions fish will be ’forgotten’ at times. 

The Fish Feeder Pro has been developed especially to supply fish with the quantities of feed they require up to 20 times per twenty-four hours; dosage and frequency can be programmed easily. Especially for lovers of koi sophisticated feeding for this kind of fish is important to obtain optimum growth and range of colouring. As all the feed will be eaten, the pond environment will not  be overloaded and fish will remain healthy. 

This automatic feeder is supplied with four worm wheels, 3 of which have been designed especially for grain and pellet feed with a diameter of 3 to 12 millimetres. The fourth worm wheel is meant for flocky feed. The special design of the feed container and the feeding mechanism will prevent moisture from entering and contacting the feed.

4 types of installations: Fastening of the base in the ground, to the wall, fastening on a pile or with a cord.

The lenght of the cable is 5 meters.

Color:  Black

Capacity : 3 Litres

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