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Velda UV-C Filter Professional

Brand: Velda
MPN: 126526,126531, 126536
Product Code: VE022, VE023, VE024
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(W): ----------


* Watts:

The professional UV-C Filter of Velda has been equipped with a circuit breaker and an inspection window for additional security. The filter has fitted with an additional outflow orifice and quick release couplings for easy hose mounting. The aluminium casing reflects the UV-C radiation for a more intensive operation. It will make a turbid pond crystal clear in no time.

Available in 7, 9, 11, 18, 36 and 55 Watt. 


The professional UV-C Filter of Velda has been equipped with a number of useful additional things.

For the sake of safety a circuit breaker has been mounted in the screw cap. As soon as this cap will be loosened, for example to clean a quartz glass, the electricity supply to the PL UV-C light will be broken automatically. In this way any contact of your eyes with harmful UV-C radiation will be prevented.

Besides, a second outflow orifice has been fitted, which allows an outflow to the right or to the left.

The quick release couplings render hose mounting very easy.
By means of an inspection window in one of the outflow orifices it can be safely inspected whether the PL UV-C light is burning.

To optimize the intensity of the radiation within the fitting, part of the casing consists of a specially coated aluminium tube. Owing to the reflection obtained in this way the capacity of the UV-C radiation is considerably more intensive.

Also the PL UV-C light has been improved. Both the effective light output and lifetime have been improved by ca 30% compared to current models.

UV-C Filter - 7 Watt Suitable for 1,000 - 3,500 l pond water
UV-C Filter - 9 Watt Suitable for 2,000 - 8,000 l pond water
UV-C Filter - 11 Watt Suitable for 3,000 - 12,000 l pond water
UV-C Filter - 18 Watt* Suitable for 5,000 - 22,000 l pond water
UV-C Filter - 36 Watt* Suitable for 10,000 - 45,000 l pond water
UV-C Filter - 55 Watt* Suitable for 15,000 - 75,000 l pond water

*The 18, 36 and 55 Watt models have been equipped with an electronic transformer. This type of transformer generates less heat, consumes less energy and has a longer life time.

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