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P & p Aragonite and essential trace elements ( calcium sand )

Brand: P & p
Product Code: PP001, PP002, PP003, PP004, PP005, PP006, PP007, PP008
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(g): 5500


* Textures:

* Weight:

The sand can be used for :

Mechanical filtration - the sand is an excellent substrate for undergravel filtration or for pressurized sand filters.

Biological filtration - we can supply a special size for fluidized sand filters. The sand are effective growing media for beneficial bacteria because they are naturally porous, giving them a large surface area. Expert aquarists prefer the fluidized sand beds among the different types of biological filter designs/methods.

pH balancer - larger sizes can be put inside small towers or beds to adjust the pH of the water that passes through the media. The sand helps balance the pH in marine aquariums that tend to go down as water quality deteriorates.

Aquarium decoration - the sand can be used in both fresh or marine water aquariums to simulate a river bed or beach floor. ALL OF FISHES JUST LOVE IT !


PP001 fine grain 5.5KG HKD130
PP002 fine grain 13.6KG HKD260

PP003 medium grains 5.5KG HKD130
PP004 medium grains 13.6KG HKD260

PP005 coarse 5.5KG HKD130
PP006 coarse 13.6KG HKD260

PP007 hard grains 5.5KG HKD130
PP008 hard grains 13.6KG HKD260

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