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Trans Aqua pH Pal

Brand: Trans
Product Code: TP 9058
Size(mm): 170 x 32 x 15
Capacity(g): 70


The pH Aqua Pal+ is the enhanced model of the well known pH Pal.  Build with simplicity and durability in mind, on top of its ruggedness, the pH Aqua Pal+ has additional protection against water splashing and it floats on water.   Understanding the demand for regular calibration, the touch button instant calibration eliminates the use of a screwdriver - no more damaged trimmers!  During measurement, users can freeze the display after a stable reading has reached, thus allowing the meter to be removed from the water while retaining the displayed reading.  All in all, the pH Aqua Pal+ retains the best of features of pH Pal, namely it's reliability and durability. pH Aqua Pal+ with all ït's new features is certainly a big PLUS!

*Advanced Features:

- One-Touch Instant Calibration
Calibrate instantly with a single touch of the button.  No more screwdrivers or broken trim pot

- Hold Function
Able to freeze display for ease of reading

- Low Battery Alert
The display will show a battery sign when battery level is low and is affecting readings

- Automatic Shutoff
The meter shuts off when left unused after 15 minutes

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