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Skimz PurBio pellets

Brand: SKIMZ
Product Code: SBP500, SBP1000
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(mL): 500


* Weight:

Skimz PurBio is a biodegradable polymer which provides a food source to beneficial bacteria that eliminate unwanted nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium. For best performance, we advise that you use Skimz PurBio in BioReactor which will keep the polymers in constant motion and prevent clumping. Direct the output of reactor toward the intake of the protein skimmer to aid the bacterial removal process.
Usage: Use 100ml per 100L of water volume. Aquarium with high Nitrate (40ppm+) should start off slowly with 1/2 dosage, and may experience a short period of water cloudiness.
Skimz PurBio Biopellet available in 500ml and 1000ml.

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