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Marinium Black Crystal (Activated Carbon)

Brand: Marinium
Product Code: ME005, ME006
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(g): 125


* Weight:

Marinium Black Crystal is a high quality activated carbon that will remove organic pollutants, toxic gases and heavy metals in saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It is produced from bituminous coal and has a microscopic pore size ranging from 20 to 2000 Angstrom, which allows it to absorb both large and small organic molecules. Marinium Black Crystal is designed for long term use by being activated to an iodine number of more than 1050 mg/g and a surface area of 1100 m2/g.

Contains less than 0.2 % of ash and does not leach phosphate and nitrate, it is suitable for delicate systems such as reef aquariums containing corals and planted fresh- water aquariums with sensitive fish and plants.

Pre-washed and conveniently packed in a filter bag that is ready for instant use, without the trouble of filling and extensive washing.


Absorbs color, odors, and toxic chemicals.


Submerge the packet under clean freshwater for 5 or 10 minutes to remove air that is trapped in the pores of the activated carbon. Place the carbon bag in an area of continuous water flow such as in the sump or trickle filter of the aquarium.


Activated carbon can be used on a temporary or on regular basis depending on the desired effects. Regular use provides a constant high clarity and toxic-free environment but aquarists may have to provide trace element supplementation. This packet of 250 grams of activated carbon is sufficient for treating up to 100 gallons of water on a regular or temporary basis. However, the actual amount of activated carbon required for aquariums vary from system to system, depending on the types of organisms maintained, amount of pollutants being produced and the effectiveness of other filtering components. Activated carbon is exhausted and will need a replacement when the water in the system develops a yellowish color.


  • Conveniently Packaged
  • Prolonged Usage
  • Low Ash
  • Nitrate/ Phosphate Free
  • Package Size: 125 and 250 grams 

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