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Brand: ferplast
MPN: 68146017UK
Product Code: FF018, FF019
Size(cm): 15 x 7 x 6
Capacity(L/H): 600


* Model:

Bluflow is the submersible pump for aquariums which reproduces the natural water flow inside fish tanks. Ideal for fresh and marine water aquariums, the pump is easy to install since complete with magnetic support, equipped with useful junction to direct the flow according to different needs or preferences. Bluflow is available in two sizes: 600 l/h or 1000 l/h. Suitable for installation on max 8 mm. glass thickness. 

The Bluflow pump for aquariums does not require any special maintenance. A regular cleaning is needed to ensure a correct working.

  • Wavemaker pump for aquariums
  • For all the kinds of aquariums, both fresh and marine water
  • Reproduces the natural water flow inside the tank 
  • Submersible, directable flow thanks to the suitable junction 
  • Easy to install thanks to the suitable magnetic support 
  • Two different models: 3W 600l/hr and 6W 1000l/hr

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