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Fishlive DELIK Dragon - 280ml

Brand: Fishlive
Product Code: LF021, LF022
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(mL): 280


* Capacity:

A staple food formulated for varieties Arowana & Osteoglossiformes fishes.The purpose of DELIK Dragon is to avoid the problems from live bait, disease inflection, excessive fat, dropped eyes,...ect.

Recommendations: Feed two to three times daily only the amount your fish will completely eat in a few minutes. Arowana fish often resist a new type of food when changing their diet, especially when Arowana fishes are fed by live bait, please mix the DELIK Dragon and live bait until the Arowana fish could complete acceptance.


Contains more than 75 varieties of strick selected ingredients specially attuned to the lively colouring, good appetite and acceptance, elegant body structure and shape, healthy growth, reducing stress, promote immunity, diseases inflection reduced(ex. white fish meat, milk, soybean protein,Ω3 unsaturated fat acid, egg yolk, krill, ß carotene, spirulina alge, Multi Amino, astaxanthin, immunizing polysaccharide enzyme, complex vitamins, multimineral and trace elements, vitamin C and E ect.
Through extensive research, professional bio-teck technology, advanced facilities, DELIK Dragon has been formulated as the best perfect - balanced high quality diet for all Arowana fishes.

Technology Analysis

  • Protein 43 %
  • Fat 6 %
  • Fiber 8 %
  • Ash 9 %

Minimun Vitamin (per 1000 g )

  • Vitamin A 30000 i.u
  • Vitamin D3 2000 i.u
  • Vitamin E 300 mg
  • Vitamin C 300 mg
  • Inosite 600 mg

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