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Aquaforest Sea Salt

Brand: Aquaforest
Product Code: AF-3, AF-4
Size(cm): ----------
Capacity(g): 5000


* Capacity:

Aquaforest Sea Salt - 5 KG, 22KG

Synthetic marine salt for aquariums with fish and less delicate corals and invertebrates. When setting up new aquariums it is recommended that the first marine lives are placed no sooner than 10-14 days after filling the aquarium. After dissolving the salt, freshly prepared marine water can be used immediately.

Instructions for use:

  1. Dissolve the salt in previously prepared demineralised water.
  2. Water temperature should be about 24°C (75°F).
  3. For salinity of 30 ppt dissolve about 345 g (12.16 oz)/10 L (2.7 US gal) of water.
  4. Stir the solution vigorously for about 15 min.
  5. When the salt is fully dissolved and the solution clear the saline water is ready to use.
  6. Keep the salt in a dry and dark place.
  7. Once dissolved, use the salt within 5 days. Keep out of reach of children.
  8. Product for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption.

Parameters of a salt are presented below:

  • 24°C / 75.2°F
  • Mg – 1200-1300 mg/l
  • Ca – 360-400 mg/l
  • K – 300-350 mg/l
  • dKH – 8,0-9,0
  • pH – 8,0-8,2

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